Monday, May 19, 2014

Georgios Kertsopoulos' presentation of his invention with international publication no. and title: WO2013136097 - MAGNETIC SYSTEM OF THREE INTERACTIONS invited by CERN at CERN-Greece Industry Day, 31 March 2014 at Demokritos. Please click on the view button on the bottom right corner of the video for full screen viewing.You can adjust the quality of the video to 720p HD through the settings controller in full screen viewing.
Please view WIPO-PCT PATENTSCOPE site for full documentation.

A video of the drawings of the international publication of the magnetic invention WO2013136097-"Magnetic system of three interactions" as these are also found in the Greek priority document 20120100153 13.03.2012 (GR) and the GR patent with No. 1008053.

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